1. What are the requirements to ensure that the resident maid?

Required for the issuance of an entry permit or a maid servant with an individual resident alien as follows:

  • Not be less than the monthly salary of 7,000 dirham’s for the sponsor.
  • The sponsor pays to the state treasury each year is equivalent to the annual salary of the maid servants or so salary is not less than 400 dirham’s.
  • However, the sponsor may be waived for ensuring server or a maid during the year up to the date of application.
  • But it linked to the sponsor and the sponsored family relationship.
  • Be a guarantor residing with his family in the state.
  • For foreign women working in rare specialties or important, such as medicine, engineering and wire teaching and similar specialties that require practice college degrees or specialized courses not less than one year in the same professional specialization and determined in consultation with the competent authorities be allowed to replace the head of the family to carry on bail server or maid, when the availability of bail conditions required.
  • Anyone who does not allow bail category of domestic etc and the like if they proved unable at any time to pay the wage of one sponsored his travel costs or left without a job, is caught working for others.

2. Are you a citizen shall ensure that the father and mother to stay

Yes citizen shall ensure that the father and mother to stay.

3. I am a resident of the state and my wife left the state for more than a Cheetah months would they can enter the country again?

Yes, they can enter the country if they set up valid provided that they obtain permission from the Public Administration.

4. What are the conditions to ensure the resident to his wife and his children?

  • Entry Visa installed on it colorful personality and signed by the sponsor's image.
  • Image sponsored passport validity of not less than six months and a certified.
  • The marriage contract duly certified legal interpreter for non-Arab nationalities.
  • A certified birth certificate for children under 18 years’ old and unmarried daughters over 18 years.
  • A written pledge not to the marriage of girls over 18 years old.
  • Salary certificate / labor contract (AED 3000 + accommodation from the employer) or 4,000 dirham’s.
  • The following categories are excluded from the requirement to pay.
    (Teachers, imam of the mosque, a bus driver, transfer students, colleges, universities, scientific institutes).

5. What are the documents required for the issuance of a passport to a citizen?

  • Family Book + copy.
  • Photo size 4 * 6 (instant pictures and withdrawals are not accepted).
  • birth certificate + copy if Birthday specifically unwritten compendium constraint
  • The presence of the treatment or guardian for minors.
  • Identity card.

6. What are the documents required to add citizen who was born in the family book?

  • Family book original.
  • Original birth certificate.
  • The marriage contract duly certified if the foreign spouse and is registered in the sum under the head of household.
  • No-objection letter from the armed forces from marrying foreigners.
  • If the baby is born outside the state requires the following:
    • A return ticket, which entered the newborn under which the state.
    • Birth certificate issued by the country of birth.
    • Replacement of a birth certificate from another state Department of Preventive Medicine.