Service Definition

Service Definition: a series of activities or operations performed by federal agencies or other representative entities to meet the needs of its customers

Service Packages: the process related services collection according to the customer's perspective and not necessarily according to the organizational structure, in order to facilitate access

Service Type:

- From government to government: are the services provided by the government center to the government bodies that.
- From government to the business sector: are the services provided by the government center  to the business sector.
- From government to individuals: are the services provided by the government center to individuals.

Service Classification:

- Informational Services: are services associated with the transfer of information from the government center to the beneficiary party, either at the initiative of the Center like campaigns, or at the request of customers, for example, such as providing queries.

- Procedural Services: are the services that meet the needs of the customers for transactions, as a residence application, for example.

- Commercial Services: are a set of services provided for the purpose of securing revenue for the government, such as the sale of national statistics, etc.

- Social Services: are a set of services provided by the government and that promote the welfare of society (welfare of a specific group in it), such as primary health care services

- Regulatory Services: This category includes all the services that customers should be subject to, such as regular inspections.

Service Structure:

Principal Services: the umbrella that gathers in its scope the complementary services and sub-services, such as issuing residence visa.

Subsidiary Services: amendments of the principle services, according to the type of customer or the purpose of the service, such as issuing residence visa for an investor.

Complementary Services: Services attached to basic services, such as the residence renewal / cancellation for investor.