Community Satisfaction Survey Form

This questionnaire aims to evaluate our performance in the community services based on your invaluable input

Personal Information:
Sex: Male Female
Category: Individual Rep Partner Establishment
Age Group: 18 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 49 50+
Nationality: UAE Arab Asian Western
Education: Elementary Secondary Undergraduate
Profession: Employee Student Business Man Housewife
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Please use the tick mark to indicate your degree of satisfaction: (1) indicates “Fully unsatisfied” and (5) indicates “Fully satisfied”:
# Rating Scale Fully Satisfied Satisfied Partly Satisfied Not Satisfied Fully Unsatisfied
S.No Questions 5 4 3 2 1
1 Media coverage of our community service activities in the regular
2 Working with partners for health awareness, like check-up campaigns
3 Participating in community events, such as Earth Hour
4 Our initiatives in the charity and humanitarian fields
5 Our sports and cultural activities
6 Role of services in safeguarding security and stability
7 Our environmental activities, like the Green Practices Initiative
8 Our location is suitable and does not cause traffic jam or congestion
9 Our activity in the social media
10 Our role in women empowerment
11 Caring for special needs, like elderly
12 Our overall performance in the community services
We welcome your comments and suggestions: